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Style Commerce is a Magento partnered company that integrates with many 3rd party companies to really turbo charge your ecommerce website and customer retention. Styles expertise in the industry allows them to cut through the clutter of technology trends and buzzwords, and create an innovative eCommerce solution for you that is built to last.

We had the pleasure of designing their new front facing website and working on their brand. The most challenging part was taking the actual core of “What” they do and bringing it down to terms that people can easily understand and see the value in. We even built them a savings calculator to show how much you could save per year.

Client: StyleCommerce Tasks: Create a responsive website that told their story and made it easy for people to understand the value of their services without looking like one of the corporate stale sites you normally see in this arena, all while having a consistant look and feel on multiple devices. We also took their existing brand and revamped it to be a bit more modern and up to date. Website: http://www.stylecommerce.com